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The Kleptocracy Tour Winter 2022

Oct 10: St Petersburg, Russia

Oct 11: Moscow, Russia

Oct 14: Budapest, Hungary

Oct 15: Caracas, Venezuela

Oct 16: Istabul, Turkey

Oct  20: Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan

Nov 1: Yangon, Myanmar

Nov 20: Mar-a-Lago, Florida

Mambo for the Masses tour
Spring 2023

Feb 31: Malabo, Equitorial Guinea

March 1: Damascus, Syria

March 3: Asmara, Eritrea

March 4: Sana'a, Yemen

March 8: Jedda, Saudi Arabia

March 15: Bangui, Central African Republic

March 21: Tashkent, Uzbekhistan

March 25: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

April 1: Lhasa, Tibet

April 4: Beijing, China

April 8: Pyongyang, North Korea

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