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Major Drake Hardcastle

Guitar, vocals, percussion: Major Drake Hardcastle -  After one insubordination too many, the top brass of the Green Berets Salsa Orchestra assigned him a mission they're sure will be his last: Mold a rag-tag assemblage of musical rogues, ruffians, scalawags, and mercenaries into a crack musical unit that will storm stages from Pyeongyang to Havana. 

Signiori Z.jfif
Signori Zed

Keyboards, vocals, percussion: Signori Zed - He usurped father's throne and now rules an empire of casinos, music halls, and other such dens of iniquity. Although ruthless and without mercy to the Imperialists, Signiori Zed is a lover of truth and beauty. His underworld empire is a haven where persecuted artists can follow their muse. The Drums of Navarone leverage Signiori's network of operatives, clients and allies to delegitimize totalitarian regimes everywhere. 

Cesar De Leon

Congas, bongos, auxilliary percussion, whistle: Cesar De Leon - "The Brute of Matanzas". Endowed with herculean strength and endurance, this Rumbero is renowned for the ferocity of his grooves. His one true love was taken by the Stasi. Now his desire for death is only surpassed by his quest for revenge. The only things that numb his pain: fisticuffs, rum, and the hypnotic effects of the clave. Cesar learned music on the streets, studying the master rumberos whose names are lost to history. 

Bassist 1.jfif
Armando Cortes

Bass, percussion: Armando Cortes - "I'm Armando Cortes. I solve problems." Mr. Cortez spent decades as bassist, fixer and consiglieri to the notorious Humberto Da Silva, leader of the infamous Hot Club of Ipanema. Now, the "Wolf of Rio" uses the tools of his trade - bribery, blackmail, and intimidation - to compromise the enemies of justice and keep the Drums of Navarone clean. His joys in life: Fast cars, fast women and fast licks. 

Sax player (2).jfif
Sergio ferreira

Trombone, percussion: Sergio Ferreira - Loved by many, but a lover of none. Disowned by his rich family for his dissolute ways, Sergio maintains his lavish lifestyle seducing heiresses across the globe with his Mediterranean magnetism and lurid trombone playing. His embouchure is envied and desired in every port of call. Music is in Sergio's veins.  He comes from a matrilineal line of musical prodigies. His great-grandmother, Elena Valko, rose to prominence after fleeing from the Hapsburgs, earning the title "Principessa Della Tuba". 

Trumpet Player.jfif
Oleg Valechenko

Trumpet, percussion, vocals: Oleg Valechenko - This black marketeer and smuggler survived his youth in a war-ravaged land by learning to procure things - weapons, luxuries, forged documents, forbidden musical scores. If you need to run a blockade, or get supplies to partisans, Valechenko is the man that can. In addition to playing trumpet with Drums of Navarone, he is also the band's arranger, boat captain, and provider of passports and visas. He loves puppies and walks on the beach. 

Sax player.jfif
Alexi Florakis

Sax, flute, percussion: Alexi Florakis - Safe cracker, lock-picker, communications expert, saxophone ace. There is no building he can't enter, no vault he can't penetrate, no chart he can't read. Origin unknown. He has several known aliases: Song Guang Ming, Jimmy Hollywood, Laura Cavallari, Abazzi Ngongwo.

Devin Broadwindsor.jfif
Devin Broadwindsor

Drums, percussion: Devin Broadwindsor -  With his impeccable accent, pencil mustache, and sartorial splendor, his aristocratic pedigree is obvious. One would never suspect that he is a weapons expert and master of the martial arts . Loyal to no nation, he sells his skills to the highest bidder. For the present, he rents his talents to the Drums of Navarone. His encyclopedic knowledge of the world's rhythmic languages make booties shimmy around the world. 

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